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Largest places in Togo

The largest cities and places in Togo at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Togo.

You can sort the largest places in Togo: by population alphabetically by regions
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Largest places in Togo
Lome Lomé1.Maritime Maritime749,700
Sokode Sokodé2.Centrale Centrale117,811
Kara Kara3.Kara Kara104,207
Atakpame Atakpamé4.Plateaux Plateaux80,683
Kpalime Kpalimé5.Plateaux Plateaux75,084
Bassar Bassar6.Kara Kara61,845
Tsevie Tsévié7.Maritime Maritime55,775
Aneho Aného8.Maritime Maritime47,579
Sansanne-Mango Sansanné-Mango9.Savanes Savanes37,748
Dapaong Dapaong10.Savanes Savanes33,324
Tchamba Tchamba11.Centrale Centrale25,668
Badou Badou12.Plateaux Plateaux24,000
Niamtougou Niamtougou13.Kara Kara23,261
Bafilo Bafilo14.Kara Kara22,543
Notse Notsé15.Plateaux Plateaux22,017
Sotouboua Sotouboua16.Centrale Centrale21,054
Vogan Vogan17.Maritime Maritime20,569
Tabligbo Tabligbo18.Maritime Maritime13,748
Kande Kandé19.Kara Kara11,466
Amlame Amlamé20.Plateaux Plateaux9,870
Pagouda Pagouda21.Kara Kara7,686

1 - 21 of 21 places

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